ClockWork Sport

Timing, Judging, and Scoring Systems

When the founder of P.I. Engineering volunteered to run swim meets as a parent at the local high school, he quickly became frustrated by the outdated equipment and overcomplicated, hard to use software. He got on the phone to his former swimming coach (35 years previous) and said “Coach, we really need to make a better timing system.” Together they launched ClockWork® Sport with the goal of producing reliable, intuitive systems designed to let coaches and referees run the meet, not the other way around.

P.I. Engineering brings more than 20 years of experience making rugged, reliable computer input hardware to the table. In addition to the veteran swim coach, a number of local coaches and meet managers were enlisted to do extensive testing, contributing countless years of experience to the project. Last second substitutions, detailed event reports, and flexible event organization are just a few improvements coming from their feedback.

The design of ClockWork® timing systems assumes coaches, parents, and volunteers will be running events, not computer database designers and IT professionals. Combining modern advanced technology used in professional sports venues, and twenty-plus years of experience designing intuitive user interface controls, ClockWork® Sport delivers systems that allow even novice users to run a meet like… wait for it… ClockWork®.