ClockWork Sport

Timing, Judging, and Scoring Systems

cable covers

Cable Covers

Flexible Drop Over Pedestrian Cable Cover for Network, Electric, or Audio cables. Great use in pools, studios, shops, or any sporting event. 

vox cable

Start System Cable

Replacement cable for connecting your starting device with the timing system.

vox cable

Replacement Banana Plugs

Repair damaged or corroded banana plugs.

trigger mic

Trigger Mic for Start System

Wired microphone with a green start button and speaker trigger.

flag pole mount

Flag Pole Mount for Start System

Universal Flag Pole mount that attaches conveniently onto the backstroke flag poles.

flag pole mount

Tripod for Start System

Universal tripod stand for StartVox™ and other starting systems.

trigger mic

Backup Button

Wired backup button featuring a yellow start button on top that allows for backup timing.