ClockWork Sport

Timing, Judging, and Scoring Systems

Hand-held or desktop control with 24 dedicated keys to control Hy-Tek Track Meet.  Fully customizable to suit your specific requirements. 

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  • Instant plug and play compatibility with Hy-Tek
  • Free programming software for Windows
  • Relegendable replacement keys
  • Hy-Tek FinishLynx Functions
  • ClockWork® Sport track timing controls connect to your PC with a three meter hard-wired USB cord and have immediate compatibility with Hy-Tek. No software or drivers are needed. These control panels are also fully customizable. Hy-Tek functions are easily added, removed, or relocated on the board with our free programming utility. Once modified, changes are written into on-board memory and travel with the controller.

    Easily label your new functions with our relegendable keys. A durable clear lens secures and protects your hand written or drawn key legends.