ClockWork Sport

Timing, Judging, and Scoring Systems

The ClockWork Swim® Timing Console System delivers precise, reliable results and couples seamlessly with ClockWork® Sport Swim Meet management software.  A fully integrated combination of software and USB hardware for Windows based computers.  The ClockWork® Swim Timing Console System replaces timing systems such as a Colorado Timing System, IST, or Daktronic timing systems with electronics and software designed specifically for reliability, accuracy, and optimized for intuitive handling in a live event.

System includes:

  • ClockWork® Timing Console Software
  • Precision Deck Cable Interface
  • Timing Console Control Panel
  • Waterproof Carrying Case
  • One full license to ClockWork Swim Meet
  • ClockWork Swim Timing System Info Sheet

    Optimized for Live Event Timing and Backup

    Precise and Reliable

    Compatible with Industry Standards

    Timing Console Software

    The interface software captures data in real time from the Precision Deck Cable Interface and provides an intuitive visual interface for all lanes. Communication with ClockWork Swim Meet and the scoreboard display system deliver real time results while giving the operator live status for every lane. The TCS software runs on a Windows computer. It can be run on the same computer as the meet management software, but, to provide better access to the meet operators, it is often run on a separate networked computer.

    Download the Timing Console Software. (Requires complete hardware for actual operation)

    Precision Deck Cable Interface

    The Precision Deck Cable Interface accepts CTS or IST deck cable (with adapter) connectors and converts start signal, touch pads, and backup button input to USB data for the Timing Console Software. It will work with CTS, IST, or Daktronics pads or a mix of all.

    The heart of the timing system, this device collects all the data and sends a time stamped USB message accurate well beyond the required 1/100 of a second. One Precision Deck Cable Interface supports up to 10 pads, 10 buttons, and 2 starting controls.

    Timing Console Control

    This control panel offers instant, real time input and status for each lane allowing the operator to keep their eyes on the meet instead of searching for a button on a computer screen.