ClockWork Sport

Timing, Judging, and Scoring Systems

Meet management software to setup and run swim & dive meets

This comprehensive and flexible program offers intuitive controls to give even a volunteer the confidence to run a simple dual meet or manage a multiple team championship. ClockWork Swim Meet handles team lineups, dive scoring, race times, event results, and scoreboard display with easy to understand controls and rock solid reliability.

Every step of the meet, from lineup entry to final results, is presented in a user friendly format which easily allows for last minute participation changes, scoring adjustments, or other corrections. ClockWork Swim Meet handles diving events and scoring in the same program including real time display of participant and dive information.

ClockWork Swim Meet accepts input from all standard lane timing & scoring equipment and also imports and exports industry standard Hy-tek file formats. ClockWork Swim Meet is fully integrated with the ClockWork Timing Console but also compatible with CTS, IST, and SST timing systems some systems require a ClockWork serial adapter.

ClockWork Swim Meet and timing consoles provide intuitive, reliable management, scoring, and display for all aquatics competitions from club team head to head meets through college championships.

Manage all aspects of running a swim and dive meet in one easy to use program.

ClockWork Swim Meet Info Sheet

Intuitive Input and Control

  • Easy to create and enter teams and athletes in all swim or dive events
  • Entry by lane, athlete, or combinations
  • Simple drag-n-drop lane, relay entries, and changes
  • Fully integrated diving support, dive sheets, rules check and scoreboard display

Compatible with Industry Rules and Standards

  • Import and export industry standard file formats: SD2, CL2, HY3, CWM
  • Create, print and export all necessary reports (export PDF, DOCX, or TXT format)
  • Publish results to industry standard HY3 format for import into Hy-tek Team Manager
  • Enter and verfy dive sheets with NFHS rules
  • Creates industry standard event files for use in Hy-tek Team Manager
  • Indicates records and qualifying times on reports (even record breaking times)

Designed for Real Time Use

  • Manages real time activities including warm-ups, awards, anthem, and of course swim and dive events
  • Runs diving with real time announcer script and direct scorboard display
  • Review, correct, and print results from away meet results file
  • Automatically manage scoreboard, including team scores, diving, event results, and messages
  • Allows adjustment of entries for event number or type mismatches
  • Provides phonetic spelling of names for announcer scripts
  • Recognize captains, head and assistant coaches, and officials

Handles Small and Large Events with Ease

  • Pre-lim, Semi, and Final rounds for swimming and diving
  • Manages multiple day events and meets
  • Easily set-up, change and verify entry and scoring rules
  • Create exhibition lanes and heats
  • Automatic seeding by time or move and arrange swimmers as needed
  • Quickly enter or create seed times or use previous results for seed times
  • Supports beginner level diving with 3 dive events and simple jumps

Download ClockWork Swim Meet

Three Versions Available

Full Version - $399.95

Coaches Version - $39.95

Free Trial and Entries Only Version