ClockWork Sport

Timing, Judging, and Scoring Systems

Software and Equipment for Swimming, Diving and Water Polo Competition.


ClockWork Swim Meet

Meet management software that covers all aspect of swimming and diving meets. Including; seamless integration of both swimming and diving events, athlete entries, scoreboards, printed and digital reports and data. Compatible with industry standard data formats.

timing console

ClockWork Swim Timing Console System

A complete, reliable timing system that measures race times with millisecond accuracy and is compatible with industry standard touch pads, deck cables. Designed for mission critical reliably using the newest modern microprocessor timing technology. Automatically outputs data to meet management software.

timing console

StartVox™ Starting System

The StartVox™ provides loud and clear start commands from the referee with a powerful start tone and simultaneous flash to signal the start of a race.



Cables, Microphones, Mounting Hardware, Back-up Buttons and more. High quality components to ensure your meet run smoothly.