ClockWork Sport

Timing, Judging, and Scoring Systems


“The keyboard is awesome.” – Thom Jacobs, Payne’s Corner Timing

"...smoothest meet..."

“This was, by far the smoothest meet that we ran all season. Also, the kids loved their individual sheet of times (athlete reports)!” – Samantha Zill, Lansing Legacy

"...we rarely miss getting splits..."

“A few years back, my parent volunteers running a competitors timing system became so stressed out and frustrated with the difficulty of that system that they quit on me. The new ClockWork Sport Timing System is so intuitive that my parents have an enjoyable time and feel much less stress. My favorite parts of the CW system is being able to use the backup buttons on splits. Now we rarely miss getting splits even when the touchpads fail. Another great part of the system is the ease of building my line up with the ‘Show Events’ spreadsheets view. One view shows the whole team’s entries. Also, Diving is part of the CW Swim Meet software. You do not have to leave the swimming program to boot up any Diving software. You can switch back and forth with ease.” – Brian Post, East Lansing, MI

"...get to actually watch my kid swim!"

“This program is so easy I almost fell asleep. I also get to actually watch my kid swim!” – Vanessa Sutton, Caro, MI

"Display is simplistic in design..."

“Display is simplistic in design but so full of information. Pleasant on the eyes, easy to follow. Love it!” – Mike Bauerschmidt, Caro, MI

" ran so smooth I actually got to watch..."

“The CW system is awesome, the meet ran so smooth I actually got to watch it!” – Darren Sutton, Head Coach, Caro, MI

"…I was impressed."

“I watched one (CW Track Console) being used to enter full field results at a state team meet last year…I was impressed.” – James Beecroft, Cambridge, MN

"...menus were very easy to figure out..."

“I have been a Swim and Dive parent for 6 years. My wife and I have been timers for the entire time. This year I was asked to assist with running the meet program. I have seen the system run for years but never has been behind the keyboard. I received a very brief “here is the program briefing” and later received an email from Dan with notes on how to work ClockWork Sport. Dan explained what needed done. I will freely admit that I stumbled a little at first, but by the end of the first meet I was confident in my ability to run the meet.
Most of the menus were very easy to figure out as they were laid out very similarly to Windows. Everything was easy to select by either going through the menus or selecting icons on the screen. Last minute changes by coaches are as easy as drag and drop the original swimmer off the list and add the new one. The only problem, more of an inconvenience, was when my wife was to announce the diving. I could not find the correct menu item to give her a more easily read screen. However, with the screen I did have she was still able to do the announcing without any real difficulty.
I have, since this first meet, been able to observe the other older systems some of the schools are using, and can honestly say that I found them very difficult to follow. I was told the people running it had been doing so for many years and they still were not sure how to make it work properly. I was at another meet as a guest and the people running the meet were using ClockWork and were having a little trouble getting the displays to work. I was able to assist, and we got everything working. I feel ClockWork was very easy to follow and use. Parents without a lot of computer skills could still pick up how to use this system without an excessive amount of training and a few good notes.” – David Mueller, Williamston, MI

"...straight forward to use."

“Looking at it, it seems to be a lot more straight forward to use.” – John Greathouse, MHSAA Official